Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pirate Ice Cream Fun

The kids are really into selling Ice Creams at the moment. They’re always turning over tables or the cosy coupes cars and shouting out “Who wants to buy an Ice Cream!” This has been great way for the kids to interact with each other and we thought would help expand their play by introducing crazy foam!
And OMG did they love it- we had to keep telling them- “Don’t eat it- you’ll get a poorly tummy!” They enjoyed scooping from the “Ice Cream tub” and using the coloured sand for sprinkles and again, shouting out “Who wants to buy an Ice Cream!” .

It’s only a shame, that the crazy foam doesn’t last as long as the kids do!

What you need:

Things to scoop and mix with & anything to put the “Ice Cream” in!
If you don't want to use things from your kitchen, go down to the charity shop and get a few gits and bobs from there!

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