Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Free Paint

  When the weather is nice outside, we like to put down a few big pieces of paper, set out the water colours and just let the little monsters go for it! They can come and go as they please, mix colours together and freely be creative and make a “master” piece!! Freely being the key word. It’s important to give them opportunities to be creative in their way and not always be banging on about what we think they should be doing - “no, no to much paint my love”- “time to give someone else a turn” and so on........

Painting is not only great for their creative outlet, but also great for their small gross motor skills! Some kids don’t really like coming and sitting down at the table to paint or mark make, they seem to find their way to a very informal big piece of paper on the floor!! 

After the kids have long disappeared we leave the paper to dry and either cut it up for the kids to use in the mark making area or we’ll use it in a display- it’s all about recycling!!

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