Monday, 20 August 2012

Hopscotch - Chalk Play

I love hopscotch and the fact that people have been playing it for centuries! (The first recorded references to the game in English date back to the late 17th century.) It’s an all around great game for children’s gross motor skills and you can “play” the game to suite all different age ranges and abilities!

Today we made a hopscotch for the kids- like we’ve done a hundred times before, but some of the kids took it upon themselves to draw their own course! It was great to watch them working it out and then invite their friends to play! This is something we will do again and really encourage the kids to create their own hopscotch , giving them the opportunities to practice small gross motor skills, mark making, numbers and of course hopping, jumping and skipping!!!   

Get BIG chalk for the little monsters to use (the small chalk disappear in no time at all!)

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