Thursday, 30 August 2012

Junk Modelling

Glorious Junk
There’s a really cute free ebook by NurtureStore that has some great ideas in it!
We all know that kids love making thing! Using things from the house that usually go straight into the recycling box is a great way to allow kids to explore, use their imagination, think creatively and problem solve. They’re allowed to play with size, angles and dimension and create in their way- and you don’t have to worry about the cost!

Cereal, Tissue and Egg Box – Boxes of all sizes really!
(If you put the Egg box in the microwave for 15 seconds it will kill the bacteria!!)
Tissue & Greaseproof paper and Tin Foil
Paper Towel Roll Tubes, Drinking straws, Paper Cups
Old Plastic Bottle Tops, Sweet wrappers, Popsicles and Lollipop Sticks
Old Fabric, Buttons and Ribbon, String and Wool
Bubble Wrap, Left Over Wall Paper and Wrapping Paper

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