Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mural - Pirate Ice Cream Ship

We’ve created a Pirate Ice Cream Ship mural on the outside fence in aid of the children’s imagination and role play!
We designed the mural so we could create areas for the children to act out the scene. The kids helped out by creating their own individual pirate. We laminated each individual piece of paper before we stapled them onto the fence (which helped made it last a lot longer)!
On the right we made an area for the kids to sell their Ice Creams, using a pallet, stepping block and a table and chair. We places a large orange and pink Ice Cream Pirate Ship, where the pirates bought their own ice creams.
The ocean followed arcos the fence , with a bridge in the middle to escape from the sharks. We used planks of wood and tyres to represent the bridge and tree stumps acted as the  sharks!
On the left we had another pirate ship, which the pirates had to walk the plank! We used milk creates, logs and a pallet and a plank of wood for the plank! Behind it we created a large black and yellow pirate ship, with a wee little pirate walking the plank at the front of the ship!
The  whole area is “movable” allowing the children to have more interaction and control over their play space. The children are able to shift objects in and out- creating their perfect play environment!
Check out the role play experience!

Most of the items were all upcycled and free! Look around building sites and the back of big chain stores. I'm also sure if you go to a car garage they'll be more than happy to give you a few free tyres!

Getting a laminator is a must - they're affordable and com in hand for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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