Saturday, 1 September 2012

Octopus Cardboard Puppets

We found this cardboard puppets from Netmums Blog and we loved it! 

Our little monsters are exploring "Under the Sea" so we thought we'd change Nutmums Kitty
and make our own Octopus Puppets! This is a real easy DIY, (rainy day) activity for you and your little monsters! We simple drew a head and arms to make the outline of the Octopus and then helped cut them out, as the cardboard we used was really think.  Don't forget to cut out little hole for little monster fingers!

Our little monsters worked on their small gross motor skills, while drawing their octopus face and colouring in the body. (We used markers, but you can easily use paints as well.) Afterwards our little monsters enjoyed role playing with their puppets -one little boy wouldn't let go of his octopus all afternoon!


Any left over junk cardboard will work for this activity.

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