Friday, 28 September 2012

Dinosaur Junk Modelling

The kids got to make their favourite dinosaurs out of junk !
(it was such a lovely day, so we took the table outside)

We put small world dinosaurs on the table for inspiration and let the kids go for it!

Creativity is so important for your little monster! It helps to teach mathematics and scientific thinking and supports your little monsters imagination, communication, small gross motor skills, problem solving and much, much more! To read more here’s a great article by Love, Play, Learn.

Put you toy dinosaurs on the table so your little monsters get inspired and you can talk to them about what a dinosaur looks like! Don't worry if they tell you he only has one leg and no eyes- maybe the dinosaur got into a fight- remember it's their dinosaur!!

You need all the essentials for junk modelling:
Kitchen Roll Tubes, different size cardboard boxes, yogurt pots, bottle tops ANYTHING to decorate the body, we put feathers and tissue paper out

Googly Eyes, PVA Glue, Paint

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