Sunday, 23 September 2012

dinosaurs love herbs

 We added real dry food and herbs & dinosaurs to the builder's tray to give the little monsters a sensory play experience. The kids have a great time using their imaginations and acting out little scenarios, like feeding their dinosaurs. This is a great way for kids to interact with (new) foods and use their 5 senses, in a small world environment!
Small world play offers your little monsters amazing learning opportunities in loads of different areas of development. They’re able to act out different ideas and narratives, which help them to reflect on feelings and events in their lives, develop confidence, expand their knowledge about the world around them, helps to develop large and small motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. (These are just a few things, the list does go on!)

Things we’ve used for food-
Chick Peas & Lentils, Herbs and Flowers from the garden, Uncooked Pasta, Stones 
This is a great activity for role playing and exploring textures!

If your little monster is a picky eater, this might be a great way for them to touch, smell and maybe even taste different foods, in a stress free environment!

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