Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Moon Dust - Space Small World Play

Moon Play! Just add flour, baby oil and glitter!
We did this 2 weeks in a row and the kids loved it! Just add baby oil to flour  (a 1 to 8 ratio), glitter and small world space figures! The kids were able to mould the moon dust, using their hands and containers. It’s a great way to explore and talk about spaces and positions, with different opportunities for putting things inside, underneath, on top and next to.

One little girl made a ball with her hands and said “This is the world!” Then pointing at two different  locations, she said “There’s Australia and there’s Minorca!” AMAZING!!

Small world play offers your little monsters amazing learning opportunities in loads of different areas of development. They’re able to act out different ideas and narratives, which help them to reflect on feelings and events in their lives, develop confidence, expand their knowledge about the world around them, helps to develop large and small motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. (These are just a few things, the list does go on!)

Other great space activities for your little monster:

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