Sunday, 28 April 2013

orbiting around the planets

We loved do this with the kids ( done it a few time now and will do it again next week)!
We start in the middle, with the sun and work our way out! we talked about the sun, moon, planets, gravity and of course the space suite you'll need when you step out of the rocket!

We also talked about hot and cold, distance, size, colour, phonics and counted the planets!
The kids love orbiting around the sun and many are getting really good and remembering not only what the planets are called, but where they are in the solar system
 (and these are pre-schoolers, we're talking about)!!

All you need is chalk (and knowledge of the solar system)- and let the games begin!
Which planet is the hottest/coldest?
Which planet is the biggest/smallest?
Which planet starts with the letter M?
What planet is red?
What planet has rings around it?

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