Thursday, 16 May 2013

Chinese New Year - Red Envelope Game

It's tradition for a Red Envelope or Red Packet to be given as a gift during holidays or special occasions in Chinese and other Asian societies. So we thought it would be a great way to incorporate recognizing numbers, counting and with some of the older monsters addition. We created a simple Red Envelope game, for our little monsters to play during our Chinese New Year celebrations. (The kids loved it so much, that it's been left in our numeracy area ever since.)
What you need:
Red paper or Card
Black Pen
What you need to do:
Fold your red paper, leaving about an inch at the top and tap each side. Fold down the top (the extra inch) to make the opening of the envelope.
You can make an envelope for each number, but we put one number on each side of 5 envelopes, using numbers 1 -10).
Set them on the table and provide a bowl of coins. (Please be careful with little monsters, coins of any size can be chocking hazards)
Games to play:
Put the correct number (which ever number your little monster can see) of coins into the envelope - Simple!
Adding game (if you've put a number on each side) Count out coins for each side and then count them all – “2 add 3 is how many?” - “5” and then allow them to put them into the envelope.

This is an easy and fun way for your little monsters to be able to interact with numeracy, money- number reorganization, counting (adding) & don't forget small gross motor skills. It's a game that can be played with you, other little monsters or by themselves.

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