Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Freezy Goo

With all the hot weather we made some Freezy Goo found on Growing a Jeweled Rose
It's really easy to make up and freezes just as fast as regular ice!
Mix 16 oz of corn starch (flour) with one cup of water and what ever colour of food colouring your little monster wants! Mix this up, pour it into our ice trays and put it in the freezer! 

We set up two different play areas:
* One with just the Freezy Goo - hearts and fish
The kids played with the freezy goo in their hands and we talked about textures, hot and cold and colours. When the freezy goo was melted we added scooping and pouring element for the kids to play with.
*The other a bit of a "beach" mixing sensory experience, which had water, corn starch (flour) and starfish Freezy Goo's - this one had a little more depth to it and we were able to engage with the kids a lot more on the same subjects above- textures, hot and cold and colours. Again after it was truly mixed up we added scooping and pouring element for the kids to play with.
The kids loved watching the Freezy Goo melt (quickly, I must say) in their hands!
All you need:
Corn Flour, Water, Food colouring, Ice cube trays
Optional- add baking soda to your play and make ERUPTING FREEZY Goo

You can use reuse the Goo for a few days, just add more water when it dries out!
This would be a great colour mixing activity too!
If you don't already have everything you need:
 Food colouring - GREAT deals on food colouring down below (way cheaper then what you buy them for at the store!!):

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