Thursday, 1 August 2013

fossil dig

We created our very own Dinosaur Fossil Dig out of salt dough!
 This was a great way to introduce kids to fossils and get them interested in dinosaurs, science and exploring history.
We made a HUGE batch of salt dough!
The kids helped to mix and knead  the salt dough and then helped to roll it out into a show container. They picked which dinosaur they wanted to make a fossils with and with a little help, they made imprints with the dinosaur's bodies and feet.
When it was all dried. we put a small layer of sand on top and gave the kids paint brushes to gently move the sand and discover the fossils!

Each step of this (on-going) activity supported the kids small gross motor skills and engaged there creativity and discovery!

Topics to disguise - (Thanks Lessons Learnt Journal)

While the kids interacted with the dig we were able to talk about fossils and the importance of them.
  • Fossils are preserved clues left from a plant or animal that lived long ago.
  • Each fossil tells a story and helps us understand how life has changed on Earth.
  • Fossils do not have to be bones or parts of plants, but can be many things, such as nests, footprints, and even animal droppings.
  • Many fossils are preserved parts of living things that are extinct. Extinct means it is no longer living and none of its kind is left on Earth.
  • Fossils can form in many ways, and the process takes millions of years.
  • A palaeontologist is a scientist who studies fossils and the remains of all life forms.

This much salt dough will take a long time to completely dry  (ours took over 5 days) So try & plan ahead!
When you go to cover it with sand, make sure the sand is COMPLETLY dry- wet sand will make the salt dough go soft again!

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