Friday, 30 August 2013

five senses with the dinosaurs

This was a easy and quick sensory tub to do with the kids.

It had lots of different elements for the kids to interact with, which included all the senses:

Herbs, Coco Pops, Rice & Pasta - What do they smell like?

Textures - each of the different elements feel different! What do they feel like?

Most of the elements are edible- see hoe brave your little monster is at tasting new things!
What do they taste like?
(Be care with small children and chocking hazards!)

What noses where made when they moved the dinosaurs around the box?
We added popsicle sticks as an afterthought, but it add another element to their play "Feeding the baby dinosaurs!" 

We added-
 Coco Pops, Couscous, Uncooked Pasta, Fresh Herbs and Rice

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