Thursday, 29 August 2013

Update on our Sunflower Garden

We were hoping that the Sunflowers would survive all the balls and the little inquisitive people and THEY DID!
The Sunflowers grew tall and create a shaded reading area for the kids over the summer- it WAS magical for them!
We even got a GREAT summer!! So good in fact, that the Sunflowers always looked very thirsty!! When we felt that the kids weren't really engaging in the reading area anymore we turned it into a Sunflower Tunnel! Benefits of having them in pots!
The best things that the Sunflowers brought were the BEES!! The kids loved watching the bees collect pollen and it was a great way to talk to kids about the world around them!

The Sunflowers are dying off now and we're completing the life cycle! It's been an amazing journey for the kids, with something so simply as a Sunflower! 

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