Sunday, 15 September 2013

SuperWorm is Super Strong!

Our little monsters have really been into SuperWorm by Julia Donaldson- so when a parent gave us a Worm Hotel, the kids couldn't be more excited! So we HAD to set up a story sack for Superworm! Story sacks are a great way to get your little monster interacting with books on so many different leaves: role play, imagination, literacy, large and small gross motor skills. Story sacks a easy to make and don't have to be expensive! We have a story sack in the book corner which contains our little monsters favourite book (at the time) along with supporting materials, including small word toys, role play and literacy items. These supporting materials are there to help stimulate the children’s language and make reading a more memorable and pleasurable experience (More great information about putting together a story sack)! 

Superworm (UK) Superworm (USA)

 What we put in our sack:
Small world toys - bugs, worms, crow, lizard
Photocopies (Lamented) of the main character in the story
Literacy Cards

The little girl whose parent gave us this perfect gift, even found SuperWorm on her last day of preschool- so we set up our Worm Hotel that day! Super Worm is HUGE, so I think he’ll have to live on his own for a while!!
Get your own Superworm hotel here:
Worm World (UK)Wild Science Worm Farm (USA)
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Getting a laminator is a must (we think) - They're affordable and come in hand for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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