Thursday, 3 October 2013

tar pit dinosaur play

It's the oldie, but goodie! Corn Flour & Water - it's a great sensory activity for kids to explore textures and by adding dinosaurs to the tar it becomes a great small world activity!! 

We added food colouring to it and then let the kids colour mix until it all turned black!
You can have this out for days, and let the kids explore the different texture of the corn flour when it dries up and then let them add water (slowly) to get the sticky tar back!

The kids learnt that if they lay the dinosaurs down for a second of two, they could make their own fossils. This made for a great gateway into talk to the kids about fossils and the importance of them, while they interacted with the tar and dinosaurs.
Topics to disguise - (Thanks Lessons Learnt Journal)
    • Fossils are preserved clues left from a plant or animal that lived long ago.
    • Each fossil tells a story and helps us understand how life has changed on Earth.
    • Fossils do not have to be bones or parts of plants, but can be many things, such as nests, footprints, and even animal droppings.
    • Many fossils are preserved parts of living things that are extinct. Extinct means it is no longer living and none of its kind is left on Earth.
    • Fossils can form in many ways, and the process takes millions of years.
    • A palaeontologist is a scientist who studies fossils and the remains of all life forms.

If you don't have everything you need already-

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