Saturday, 30 November 2013

Book Tree Advent Calendar

We've set up a Book Advent Calendar, which we saw on Reading Confetti in our preschool room.
Our little monsters were immediately interested in the Advent Calendar and asked if we could start reading them- ALL of them, RIGHT NOW!
Reading Confetti only had Christmas Books in their line up, but we used all different kinds of books, including stories about Christmas, Hanukah and some of our little monsters favourite books. This is so easy to do and we highly recommend taking the time to wrap each book! There's no need to buy all new books, use books that you already have around the house, some library books (be careful when wrapping & taping) and then add some new books closer to Christmas time! This is a great way to keep the excitement of reading alive during the busy holiday season! 

Want to buy a few new books for your little monster- here's our top picks! All these books are rich in text and beautiful illustrated. There's a great mix for both baby monster to preschool monsters. Some will already be your little monsters favourite and others you'll just need to read once and they'll become a new classic in the rotation!

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