Friday, 27 December 2013

Elf On The Shelf, Kindness Elves and 2 Cheeky Gnomes

We wanted to do Elf On The Shelf this year, but Elf On The Shelf is not to popular here over in England, so I made 2 Cheeky Gnomes. Because a lot of parents didn't know about the  Elf On The Shelf concept, we had a lot of explaining to do when they walk in on some unusually sights! But they soon caught on and enjoyed walking into the 2 Cheeky Gnomes world every morning and our little monster just loved it!
The 2 Cheeky Gnomes gave our little monsters plenty of opportunity to use their imaginations and build on their language skills. Every morning at group time we talked about what the 2 Cheeky Gnomes got up to in the middle of the night- how they did it, did anyone help, was it Naughty and Nice? The kids loved exploring in the 2 Cheeky Gnomes world.
Our 2 Cheeky Gnomes got into many different Naughty and Nice activities - Making Gnome Angels, TPing the Christmas tree, using Nappies (Diapers) as parachutes, practicing their scissor skills, getting into the Chocolate and fishing for our pet fish Salt (They even built a camp fire to roast her on after they caught her), playing with the Reindeer Legs and making little monsters out of playdough! OH, what fun!!!
When our Cheeky Gnomes got into the baking cupboard, Our little monsters wanted to make cookies with them, so we thought we'd add a bit of Kindness Elves to the mix. We asked our little monsters who they'd like to make cookies for and one little boy said the postman (the bin men just happened to be coming that day, so we made them some too)! The little monsters and the 2 Cheeky Gnomes helped to bake the cookies and then decorated them all by themselves (they were dripping with chocolate frosting!) We got some of the old monsters to write out a "Thank You for all your hard work over the year" card, which the post man just loved! The kids got really engrossed with making something for someone else and we're hoping that this act of random kindness will stay with them throughout the holiday season!
Our Cheeky Gnomes had lots of fun over the month of December being Naughty and Nice!
Check out Kindness Elves (they even have their own Facebook page this year) for loads of nice things to do with your little monster and/or check out Pinterest for loads of different Elf On The Shelf ideals (He's got his own Facebook page too)!

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