Saturday, 28 December 2013

Kids Advent Calendar

Our little monsters love the Story Stones, so we decided to do make an Ornament Story Advent Calendar for them to play with this year. First we made Ornaments out of salt dough, which allowed our little monsters to decided what characters they wanted in their story (Hence the Pirate Crossbones) and it kept the cost down! When the ornaments were dry we painted them and waited for December 1st! Each morning at group time we all sat around and one little monster got to pick a character to add to our story! Our monsters would talk about the ornament- what it was, what it was doing, how it was interacting with the previous characters and then we'd all decide how it was going to be added to our story. We wrote down each day what was added to the story and as the days went one, we would retail the story and add on the next character. Remember it's their story, so just run with it-
Our story started out with a Pirate Gingerbread Man who's leg got bitten off by a bear, who was scared away by a ghost and then a Magical Penguin made the Pirate Gingerbread Man's leg grow back! 
This Ornament Story Advent Calendar is a great way to encourage your little monsters to talk, create, imagine and explore the holidays in a fun and educational way (much better than chocolate)! You don't have to make all 25 at once (your little monster will get board), spend time talking and making 5 at a time throughout the month of December- this will give your little monster the time to really great involved. And remember, they don't have to be perfect in your eyes, only in theirs!! 
We used a tree branch to hang our ornaments on in the order they were chosen, to help our little monster remember the story. When we had our Christmas party, most of our little monster were able to recite the story with a little help to their moms and dads- this made us smile and confirmed it was a great playful learning activity!
Don't know what Story Stones are? Watch them in action here:
and Get your own set of Marc's Story Stones from The Basket

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