Saturday, 25 January 2014

Iceberg Colour Mixing

We froze some paint and water to make a unique iceberg play experience for the little monsters. 
For the younger ones, it was simply identifying the colours and exploring what new colours they could make. And for the older ones a little problem solving and critical think of what two icebergs they needed to make a specific colour!
After the tray turned brown, as all great colour mixing activities do, the kids turned the activity into a great sensory and small world play season.
A great (and easy) activity to do at home and in the classroom!
(The white stuff "snow" is corn flour - water + corn flour = messy fun)   

We used ice trays and upcycled pots and cups to make the different size icebergs!

This is also a great sensory experience for your little baby monster, if you use food colouring to dye the ice you don't have to worry about them putting it in their mouths! (GREAT deals on food colouring down below - way cheaper than what you buy them for at the store!!)

Make sure the ice (water when you're mixing) has enough paint (or food colouring) in it. The little ice, didn't really have enough colour in them to do good mixing with, but the kids enjoyed pushing them around the builders tray and trying to stack them up to build an ice tower!

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