Sunday, 12 January 2014

Iceberg Sensory Play

We're exploring Polar animals at the moment, so we created an Iceberg Sensory Experience with ice and corn flour. We wanted something that would last more an a hour - allowing the kids to come and go and explore at their own pace. We made all different sizes of ice cubes (yes those are Pac Man ice cubes), which allowed the experience to have multi levels!

Once enough ice had melted the magic of Goo came alive in our Iceberg Sensory Experience!
When our little monsters had enough, we put the remaining ice in the water tray (which obvious melted quickly) and put the goo to one side. Over the next few days we would add a little water to the dried out goo and add small would polar animals for the kids to have a sensory/small world play area!

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This is also a great sensory experience for your little baby monster!

We used ice trays and upcycled pots and cups to make the different size icebergs!

If you don't have everything you need already:


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