Thursday, 30 January 2014

Feeding the Penguins - Free Printable

We set up a great counting and recognising numbers game for our little monsters to come and go from, during our Polar Animal experience week. We called it Feeding the Penguins, simple really- recognise the number on the iceberg and feed the penguin sitting on top the correct amount of fish.
This can be a great quite time activity for the kids on their own or a great one on one activity to help them improve their numeracy skills: amounts, number recognition, counting, adding & subtracting.
Other Games (Our little monsters invented):
Role play with the fish- "Noooo, Mr. Penguin you can't eat me, I'm a Super Fish!"
Colour shorting the fish
What you need:
*Marc's FREE Penguin Printable from The Basket
*Black and White Card (for the Penguins)
*Coloured Card (for the Fish)
*Paper or card to create the Icebergs
*Googly Eyes (our little monsters picked them off in days)
*A table for your little monsters to play on (if your taping them on- if not they can easily play on the floor!)
What to do:
*Print out your Penguins: Now, you can use it as a stencil and cut out penguins from your card or print out 10 and let your little monsters colour them in (or use the coloured one) - either way laminate the penguins when your done. This is the same for your fish - we cut out our fish free hand from coloured card because you need SO many!
*Put a number (1-10) on each  Iceberg.
*Little your little monster explore and play!

More Polar Animal Experience Activities:
Silhouette Polar Animals - Free Printable 

If you would like to reuse your penguins - Get a laminator! They're affordable and come in handy for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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