Sunday, 19 January 2014

Silhouette Polar Animals

Silhouettes are a great way to get your little monster thinking about shapes and sizes. During our Polar week we made a Silhouette matching game, which our little monsters loved exploring with.  We used 5 different types of Polar Animals, which all had an individual shape. The matching part was really easy for the older ones but they still sat and repeated the game over and over and learnt it's an Arctic Hair, not a Rabbit! Also (like always) our little monsters used the animals for small world play and created polar stories, by themselves and with their friends! A great activity that your little monster can play on their own, with you or friends!
We put the initial letter of the animal next to the silhouette so the kids could also practice recognising letters - P for Penguin!
What you need:
*Laminator (optional)
*Marc's FREE Silhouette Printable from The Basket

Games to play:
 *Talk about the different kind of animals:  who, what & how
*Talk about size: short, tall, big, small
*Small World Play
More Polar Animal Experience Activities:
Feeding the Penguins - Free Printable

If you would like to reuse your Silhouette Polar Animals- Get a laminator! They're affordable and come in handy for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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