Friday, 24 January 2014

Simple & (CHEAP) Backyard Fun

I had the pleasure of hanging out with good friends and their little boy (a very active toddler) the other weekend. We were supposed to have a girls day out, but my friend got sick- so it turned into a hanging out with the boys kind of day!
As my girlfriend was stuck in bed, we headed out side to clean up the garden and have a little play, before we all went mad inside. It was a typical British day- windy, cold and rubbish! But little ones don't seem to mind and I was pleasantly surprised to see what kind of "toys" were in the backyard for the little man to play with. A plank of wood, a few cut up logs and a tyre- BRILLANT!
There are endless play (learning) opportunities for children with these kind of upcycled toys (which you can acquire for free) - creativity, problem solving, imagination, large gross motor skills and sensory play to name a few. I think the thing I love most about these kind of upcycled toys, is that it's ALWAYS a different play experiences, which the kids get to create themselves. Pushing, pulling, stacking, climbing and when he gets a little older building a fire, floating in a pirate ship and something to jump off of!
These kind of upcycled toys are great for kids up to the age of being "too cool" - get some in your garden at home or in your setting ASAP and watch the magic happen!

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