Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bobsledding - DIY

Plastic Cups with Flags taped onto them

Plastic Guttering 
The kids had a fantastic time playing with our make-shift bobsledding course. Running back and forth, watching their bobsled, seeing if it made it down in one piece!

We also used this to engage the kids in a bobsledding competition (which incorporated numbers & time, small & large gross motor skills, personal and social skills and identifying different flags - yes we just had to put Jamaica in there!!) The kids took turns, each having a test run and a time run. We used a digital stop clock to time how fast their bobsledder came down the course and the kids practised recognising their numbers and telling the crowed what their time was. 

We used the salt-dough medals the kids made for our medal ceremony! Now this went down like a lead rock with some of the kids who didn't win a medal, but it was just another learning opportunity! 
Medal Presentation

The Toddler Room made their own bobsleds and bobsledding course for the kids to play with. The kids ran after their bobsleds time and time again, until the course was brown and broken! 
They used paper towel rolls and attached them to trains with blue tack and attached a cardboard box to a table and covered it with paper for the course!

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