Thursday, 13 February 2014

dinosaur bridge

As you know your little monsters love anything new in their environment, even if it’s the same old elements, simply moved around! Having planks of wood around the garden for them to move around and use in different play situations always this newness to happen every day!
We put out the dinosaurs for the kids to play with in a builder’s tray outside, but no one was really engaging with them. One of the little boys was moving a around a plank off wood and I asked him if you would like to build a bridge for the dinosaurs to get to the grass.
He was very excited by the prospect!
We moved over the garden box which is full of grass close to the builder's tray and placed the plank of wood between them- simples!! We made an easy but very effective bridge.
We now had to limit the number of kids who wanted to play with the dinosaurs!

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