Friday, 25 April 2014

Craft for the Weekend - Red Cabbage

We LOVE this science/art activity from Classic-paly (an amazing blog- where it's cool to have kids!)
and easy, and you'll have most things in the frig!
If not when you pop to the shops this avo, you can pick up a few extra pits and bobs!
We adore the draw that  did! (She has an amazing story too, totally inspirational to anyone who needs a little support in taking the leap and changing careers!)
It's a great activity and can happen in a few parts- expanding it out through the day (you have to leave the paper to dry for a few hours) and hopefully each stage you little monster will stay interested!
There's some great tips on the science bits too!
We'd love to see you work of arts-
post them on our Facebook page or twit us @marcsbasket

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