Friday, 11 April 2014

Craft for the Weekend - Watercolour Flowers

This is a cute and easy activity to do over the weekend to get your house looking Sringy and Eastery or a great present to bring the Grandparents on your Easter visit!
It comes from Nurtures Store -  A great resource for kids crafts and art!

Nurture Store

Use what you have in the house!
  • They used water colours, but I think you can use any paint you have around!
  • Let your younger ones go mad! They're going to be hard pressed to make perfect circles!
  • If you don't have green drinking straws (and lets get real- who does), get inventive (kids don't care) - tooth picks, cotton buds, sticks from out side, anything really that will hold up their flower!
  • When it comes time to draw the patterns on top of your paint (which we think is a must- gives it, oh what do they call it - je ne sais quoi! Especially if you have a big brown messy flower, because lets face it- if your child is really doing it for themselves, that's what you're going to get.) Anyways keep your kids involved! If they can't do it themselves ask them where they would like you to draw the lines and patterns!

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