Monday, 21 April 2014

outdoor upcycled play space

It's easy to make a great upcycled play space outside and best of all it's free!
Look around building sites and the back of big chain stores for different items. I'm also sure if you go to a car garage they'll be more than happy to give you a few free tyres!

We used only 4 different up cycled items to create a unique environment for the kids:

We used some for a sandpit and some to make a walk away for balancing and jumping off of. Obviously theses are too heavy for the kids to move around themselves, but they love playing inside them and creating their own submarines (among others things). After a rain storm, the kids love scoping the water out of them and making rivers- no matter how cold it is out side! Sometimes there's even wildlife lurking about - like frogs and spiders, which the kids get very excited about!

We had two pallets and created a little climbing frame in the veg patch over the winter. We used these for all sorts of balance walk ways, pirate ships and bug hotels! Pallets are very versatile!

Milk Crates
The kids love moving these around the garden they build and creating trains, boats, plains and beyond. They're great for balancing the planks of wood on too!

Planks of Wood
These are by far the best- they're great for all ages and abilities! You can have them just flat on the ground or move them up to the largest tyre in the garden! The kids help each other out and move them around the garden and set up different balancing activities for themselves!

Something we created with the same upcycled material 2 years ago-
Mural - Pirate Ice Cream Ship

Check out our It's an Outdoor Life or US! on Pinterest -
loads more cool things to do in your outdoor space!
We love Welton's Free Range nursery upcycled play spaces:
LOVE the upcycled old boat
Use old pallets to create walk ways and dens

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