Thursday, 17 April 2014

Playing with Gravity

Kids love playing with gravity! They might know or understand that gravity is the driving force to making their object fall fast to the ground, but no matter the object, you can see the joy on their faces when the repeatedly send their object on it's way!
There's so many ways for kids to play with gravity in the early years, and giving them varied opportunities helps them to understand the concept later in life (we're talking preschool years, not college years!) 
It's easy to talk to preschoolers about gravity in these types of play situations.
Explain gravity in simple terms - 
It's what makes object fall, roll or glide down to the ground
It's what keeps our feet stuck to the ground when we're running around
If you want to set up a Gravity activity for preschoolers there's a great one on:
Great picture book about gravity:

Gravity (UK)
Gravity (USA)
 When kids start understanding the concept of gravity,
they love imagining and acting out what it would be like if there was no gravity -
especially when they're on the Moon or Orbiting Around the Planets!
Using a long and wide piece of wood,
allows your toddler to explore their whole play area!
Sitting and pushing up,
Laying down and balancing,
Finally made it to the top!

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