Tuesday, 6 May 2014

dinosaur volcano play

What an amazing way to play with chemistry with your little monsters! This is a total classic, with a dinosaur twist! We put the baking soda into a tall bottle (it's up to you how much of an explosion you want- little one 2tlbs or a big one 4tlbs of baking soda) and then we got the kids to build around the bottles, creating their own volcano.
What they built with was only limited what was in the garden - logs, sticks, rocks, stones, pine cones, dirt, mud, you name it they used it!
We added red food colouring to the vinegar before we handed it over to the kids to pour into the tall bottles full of baking soda! And let the chemistry happen! After the explosion(s) the kids got to play with the small world dinosaurs on the volcano and really explore all the elements.
Not only was this a great way to  play with chemistry, but the kids also got involved with nature and their creative side by building the volcano themselves!
What you need:
Any nature materials to build your volcano with. If you don't have any this is a great time too go on a nature walk and collect different natural elements!
Red food colouring, baking soda & vinegar
Small world dinosaurs

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