Monday, 16 June 2014

Gandys Flip Flops

What an amazing story - Brothers Rob and Paul Forkan are orphans (they lost their parents in the  Asian tsunami of 2004) are about to open a children's home in India, saying they want to help their fellow orphans. They also own a really cool ethically sourced footwear, established in 2011 called Gandys Flip Flops. What catches my eye most about this story, is that their parents made a brave decision and took them out of the UK education system (when they were 11 and 13) and moved the family to Goa in India, which they reckon has done much to fuel their current success.
"We helped with fund-raising for the local charities as well. We learned some really good life skills. Our parents gave us this confidence that we could do anything, that nothing was hard to achieve."

Business reporter, BBC News: Gandys Flip Flops: Footwear with Soul
When you buy a pair of Gandys Flip Flops 10% of the profits go back to charity! These guys are inspirational! Support their case and get some cool foot wear here:
Gandys Mens Original Greenwich Grey - (Mens - 9 / 10 uk)

Gandys Womens Originals Thong Sandals W0356 Bali Black 5 UK, 38 EU
Gandys Womens Rubber Sandals - Pink, Size 5-6 UK
Get their amazing story here:
Tsunami Kids: Our journey from survival to success  

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