Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddy Monsters

Happy Fathers Day to all you wonderful Daddy Monsters out there!
It's always hard to think about something to get dad's (They're not like mums, who love anything and everything you make for them) and it's even harder to think of something THEY actually wanted to do on father's day!
I was totally a Dad's girl when I was growing up (sorry mom- I love you both equally now!)
Anything I got to do with my dad, I loved. But I'm not sure it could be the same for my dad (in a nice way)! I remember the most random things from my childhood and for some reason I remember one Father's day about 18-20 years ago. We took him to a baseball game and he hated it! He couldn't drink (as much as he wanted, because he was driving) and it was hot, really hot (we we're sat right in the sun with no hopes of shade heading our way)! Our team was losing (AGAIN) and in all reality, none of us were having fun. We laugh about it now - Poor dad, it was his day and he was having a sh*#@y time!!
 I hope by moving away 14 years ago and not spend another Father's Day since, has made up for that long hot, dry day -  LOL!! The times we do get to spend together (which are far and few) are great and I love doing all his favourite things, so we never have a bad day! Maybe the next time we spend Father's day together dad, we can get a taxi to the game, drink lots of beer, get seats in the shade and pray our team wins OR maybe just go to the bar and watch it on TV!! Love You Daddy xxo
So this Father's Day make sure your Daddy Monster has a good one- Maybe a day off is what they most desire (and a few beers)!

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