Monday, 23 June 2014

Simple Sunflower Garden

This is one of the easiest and creative projects you and your little monster can do together outside in the garden! Plant your sunflowers and keep them in a warm area (maybe indoors) to help promote growth! Once they're a suitable height replant them in large pot containers.
We recommend using long pot containers to grow your Sunflowers in for a few reasons.
1- If you don't have a suitable area outdoors to plant, this is a perfect way to add more garden space to your outdoor area!
2- It's moveable! We all know little monsters get board of their area, so help make the Sunflowers new and exciting all summer change them around and create new play areas for your little monster to explore!
We were positive that balls and little inquisitive people would destroy the growing sunflowers, but our little monsters learnt quickly to respect the area (a few sunflowers did die a instant death, but hey it's all about the learning process!) We changed around the area a few times over the summer, each little our little monsters found a new way to explore amongst the sunflowers!
We think the best part of the Sunflower Garden was the bugs that came to live and work in it! Our little monsters had an amazing time watching the bees collect pollen, the butterflies fly around and all the different land bugs moving around in and under the pots!
Free resources to do alongside The Sunflower Garden:
Check out The Start and The Update of our Sunflower Garden a few years ago!

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