Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Upcycle the Garden

We love upcycling out in the garden! It's such a simple and cheep way to create amazing play (learning) environments for our little monsters! There's loads you can do and use, but here's our top 5 unique picks:
The Magic Door:
Any old door and simple framing will do, to create a new world for your little monster! Their imagination will run wild with this simple prop- the door to the moon, a rocket ship or the highest room in the castle! The Garden Glove has some more cool things you can do with an old door out in your garden!
Larissa took this shot of a wild door on Vancouver Island.
Sail Away:
Not only will this old boat provide hours of digging fun for your little monster, but the role play fun will be intense- Salty Sea Dogs at the ready!
Home - DIY - Idea
 Skateboard Swing:
We love this Skate board Swing! Easy to do your self and attach to a tree or build yourself a frame. This swing is great for balance and getting your little monster to explore the effects of movement though their own force!
Little Bit Funky
Mirrors in the Garden:
Little monsters love looking into mirrors, so why not bring them outside! It's a great way for your little monster to see their outdoor environment in a new way and explore with the elements around them - the sun shining back at them the rain running down! Make sure to put them at their height and attach them securely to a wall or fence!
Style Me Pretty
Add Some Green:
Find anything and everything you can grow something green in! This is a great way to bring bugs and beast to the garden and get your little monsters closer to mother nature. These items can also be used as props in your little monsters play and you don't have to worry about them getting damaged. Make sure to line any items that are prone to rust or leak into the soil!
Check out what we've done with Tyres, Pallets, Milk Crates & Planks of Wood

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