Thursday, 26 June 2014

What's Inside? - Sensory Balloon Play

One of the girls spiced up the kids balloon play, by adding different elements into the balloons before blowing them up! This was obviously a great physical development activity for the kids, but it turned into so much more!
Sight and Sound:
The kids were interested in the sounds each different balloon made and the ones that made lots of nose were played like musical instruments! The kids also quickly figured out, that the balloons which didn't make nose could be held up into the light, so they could see more clearly what was inside the balloon.
Problem Solving:
The kids did a great job guessing what was inside the balloons, by listening and looking - "It's feathers in there, like a bird!"
What's inside:
We used- Glitter, Rice, Sand, Feathers, Water (you could go on and on!!)
Don't blow the balloons up to big, they pop very easily! And if you don't like a messy inside- take them outside to play!

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