Tuesday, 24 June 2014

World Cup 2014 fun for kids

Love it or hate it the World Cup is upon us! The FIFA World Cup runs from 12th June to 13th July 2014 in Brazil and it's a great way to get your little monsters involved in loads of different activities and learn about the different countries around the world and maybe even play a little soccer (football)!!
Brazil is the host country, so why not introduce your little monster to the unique and vibrant culture of Brazil - the fifth largest country in the world!
Learn about the countries of this year’s 2014 World Cup
Multicultural Kid Blogs is doing a great collection of post from different blogs on each country!
Follow along as we explore the cultures of the teams who will be participating in this year’s games.  Look for a new post on each country, each time its team plays!
We featured Red Ted's World Cup Poppy Cat Finger Football Craft in our Craft for the weekend
We love this Cereal Box Football Pitch from 3 Princesses and 1 Dudeand easy DIY pom pom soccer game from Kids Activities Blog
Shoebox Foosball Game from Frugal Fun for Boys
Free Resources:
World Cup 2014 Flags from Activity Village (This is a great way to talk about the different countries with your little monsters, you can even point them out on a world map. It's also it's a simple way to talk about colours!) Larabee made a flags matching game using the free printable- very clever!
Soccer Ball Grid Game from Mama Jenn
Football Puzzle from US!
There's lots of free different printables on SparkleBox too!
You can simple get out a play some soccer (football) with your little monsters! Any ball will do and you can use anything to set up some goals! Running and kicking the ball in the back garden, on the beach or out in the park is the best way to get your little monster involved with the World Cup and moving around this summer! Here's some other fun ball games to play:
And GO USA (sorry England- your already out!)

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