Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Early Handwriting Introduction - DIY Sand Box

This is a really simple and easy way to get your little monsters to start mark making and practicing small gross motor skills in a fun and sensory way! We found a shallow wooden box (but you can use anything you can find in the house) and added a light layer of dry sand to the bottom.
There's loads of different ways your little monster can explore the sand box- with their fingers, a paint brush (both ends) and a small rake, sticks and twigs; anything they want really! And then it's up to them what they want to create or write: 
letters, numbers, draw pictures or just simply make marks!
For your older monsters, you can add pictures next to the sand box to encourage them to copy certain letters or patterns.

This is a great activity for those little monsters who aren't showing a great interest in writing with pen and paper! 

Also try this with:
Crazy foam

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