Thursday, 21 August 2014

DIY - Blowholes in a Bottle

When exploring sea animals and/or Polar Animals, you can't leave out wales- our little monsters love them and can't get enough. When talking about whales we compare the difference between sea animals that breath under the ocean and ones that breath air like us - mammals vs. fish and invertebrates, which brings up the subjects of Blowholes!
So to bring Blowholes to life for the kids we used old water bottles full of water or flour (the water gave a jet stream effect, where the flour gave us that spray effect you see from blowholes). This has been by far our little monsters (and my) favourite activity- Blowholes in a Bottle! 
Our little monsters had a hands on experience and enjoyed running around the garden, diving under the water and popping back up and breathing through our blowholes (we were all covered in flour at the end, so maybe this is just an outdoor activity)! This is a great hands on experience for children to learn about sea mammals and it's so easy to do at home or in the class room!

What you need:
*Old sports water bottles

Great video of Gray Whales for you little monsters to watch:

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