Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Homemade Sunflower Bird Feeders

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and our Sunflower Garden is well and truly done! Many of our sunflower seeds aren't good enough to eat so we used the seeds to make Autumn bird feeders. We used pine cones and lard- which was a mess, but the little monsters couldn't get enough of it! This is not only a great activity for small gross motor skills and sensory play, but also for recapping on what we had grown over the spring & summer (very interesting to hear what they remembered about the Sunflower Garden!)

Let your little monsters explore and work on their small gross motor skills!

What you need:
Seeds - From your garden or you can buy seeds here:
F.M. Brown's Wild Bird Food, 8-Pound, Value Blend Select (USA)
Peckish Complete All Seasons 2kg. (UK)
Spoons and fingers for spreading lard

We made some plain playdough (DIY) and let the little monsters make more "bird feeders" with the left over seeds and pinecones. We didn't hang them outside, but it was a great play and explore extension to the whole sunflower garden adventure!
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