Monday, 13 October 2014

DIY - Leaf Letter Hunt

We made letter leaves, which we used the kids "unclaimed" paintings to make (recycling at it's best), printed of lower case letters using Comic Sand font and laminated them together. We punched holes in them and used ribbon, so the could be hung around the garden.
Our little monsters got to explore the letter leaves around in the garden and we even played a letter hunt game, which you can play in two different ways:
Finding an important letter (Letters they already recognise) - R for Rachel or M for Mummy.
Finding any letter and reviewing what it is (Letters they don't already recognise)
This is such a fun way for kids to PLAY with early literacy and a great way to support their development! Very Easy to do at home and easy to adapt to what ever your child is most interested in (trains, cars, stars, ect.)!

Getting a laminator is a must (we think) - They're affordable and come in hand for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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