Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Exploring Autumn

Autumn is upon us- whether we like it or not- for me it's a love-hate! This year we got out for our first Autumn (Fall) walk and were lucky enough to have an abundance of autumnie things to collect - Acorns, Apples, Leaves, Wheat & Blackberries (to name a few).

We ate the blackberries right away, made Gruffalo Crumble with the apples and set up an autumn discover table for the kids to explore. Tweezers and magnify glass cups, allowed the kids to become little scientist- but mostly they liked taking the hats of the acorns! 
Hint for classroom settings:
Make sure to collect extra, so you have replacement items to last the week.
Natural things don't last long in little hands!

Check out our Falling Leaves Pinterest board for more Autumn inspired activities!


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