Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Making Tracks - Playdough Fun

Adding cars to playdough time is a great way for your little monster to play with their favourite toys in a new and sensory play way! Our little monsters loved making tracks with their cars and trucks, and quickly learned which cars made the best tracks. We set up little road signs to incorporate literacy and role play into their play, which you can get for free HERE! Don't be afraid to incorporate different toys into playdough play, it's a great way for your little monsters to explore their toys in a new and creative way!
MORE Playdough Fun

Making playdough at home is easy- give it a go- See our recipe here!
OR buy some-
Play-Doh Plus A1206E240 Modelling Clay (Set of 8 Pots) (UK)
Play-Doh Plus Color Set, 8-Pack (USA)

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