Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Osmo Digital Toy - Bringing kids back to the real world!

We're loving this new toy Osmo by Tangible Play for the iPad, which your little monster can play with technology, real people and real objects all at the same time! It promotes social intelligence and creative thinking, by bring the future and the past together.
Photos from Osmo - Tangible Play
The company is called Tangible Play, which is such an understatement for some little monsters these days. Google's defines Tangible as perceptible by touch & Play as engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation (rather than a serious or practical purpose -  we all know the end part is a load of BS! Play is the child¹s work, perhaps the child¹s most important way of learning. This learning process occurs even when it may not be obvious‹when children actively explore their environment and act on their inborn curiosity (J. Lepper, Standford University)). (Great article on Play: Child's Play Is About More than Games)
The Tangible part is what is so exciting about this product. We can't fight the ever growing technology push on our little monsters and they do need to have some type of knowledge to keep up with their peers, but most technology play leaves out the tangible side. Many parents tell me how cleaver their little monster is, because they know how to work an iPhone or iPad better than they do! But news flash - It was designed to be simple and easy to use- a swipe of ONE finger and you're away! As far as I concerned most toddlers can master this skill in a few weeks, depending how much they get to play with it! (Okay- Off my soap box and back to the tangible part.)
We tend to forget how important tangible play is. Getting your little monster to use their fingers and hands in lots of different ways is SO important for their dexterity, small gross motor skills and muscle memory, which all helps in being able to master the skill of hand writing (among other things). I know in the near future handwriting might not be important, but for now it's still a key skill they need to learn. Being able to use more than their pointer finger while playing with the iPad helps them develop these skills and they still get to play with technology- it's a win, win!
Another great advantage of the Osmo, is that it helps to break the zombie-like stares and bring more real world interaction to your little monster! By introducing the tangible part back into technology your little monster can engage with physical object—pen, paper, blocks, toys they already own and PEOPLE! Even though technology has made the world a smaller place, it's built a big wall between tangible interaction. This engagement and interaction is SO important for your little monsters personal and social development and allows them to learn and understand how to connect to their peers and the world around them.
Tangible Play's new toy Osmo, seems to have built an important bridge for our little monsters between technology and reality! Check out Tangible Play and their brilliant new toy Osmo - pre-orders are still available!

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