Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Marc's Story Stones - The Snow Collection

They're finally here- Marc's Hand-painted Story Stones! We blogged about Homemade Story Stones last year and have been collecting stones from around the UK since! Your little monster's brain Loves a Good Story and Story Stones are a simple way to get your little monster involved in storytelling play. Storytelling predates writing and the earliest forms of storytelling was verbal (combined with gestures and expressions)- Perfect, because our little monsters don't know how to write- YET!
Story Stones are a great way to encourage your little monsters to talk, create, imagine and eventually write! Each hand painted stone is unique and perfect to get your little monster talking, and creating their perfect story! There are so many different stories to be created within each set of Story Stones- the possibilities are endless.

The Snow Collection available in The Basket

Watch Marc's Story Stones in action:
 Different games to play with your little monster and their Story Stones:

With all the Story stones in the bag, allow your little monster to pick one out at a time. Let them tell you what's on the stone- there's no right or wrong and the pictures can be something different every time. Let your little monster tell you a little bit about that particular character or event or place- young little monster might need help, so be encouraging, not directing. Help them to link up the nouns and create a story, lining up the stones will help them to remember the sequence. Each time you play with the Stones, the sequence of a story will be different.
Don't limit yourself or your little monster on what each stone could be or do:
Mountains: Hill, Village, Country, Who's climb it?
Spikey Bug: Alien, Dog, Pet, Scary, Friendly
Snow Cloud: Outer Space, Planet, Blob, Alien, Fluffy, Puffy
House: Cottage, Shelter, Who lives there?
Love Monster: Friend, Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby
Talk about emotions: How's the Love Monster feeling today? or About the snow?

Size Game:
Get your little monster to put them in size order!

Counting and Memory Games:
Your little monsters can practice their counting, by counting the stars on the back of each stone. When you think they are ready you can play a memory game with them. Get them to count the starts and show them which picture has that many starts on it. Start off with 2 or 3 stones and then work your way up to all 5 stones at once!

Writing a Story:
When your little monster is all grown up and writing stories of their own, bring out the Story Stones and use them as little prompters. Let them pick one out at a time again to help juice up their writing homework!
Photo from Beneath The Rowan Tree

-Storytelling encourages creativity, increases vocabulary and helps communication and listening skills, but the true meaning behind this type of play is to get your monster's imagination fired-up and getting them comfortable talking aloud and building their confidence! 
-There's NO right or wrong, that can't happen or that's a bear, not a dog. 
-Little Monsters WILL remember the story they came up with last time, so it's your job to help encourage them to expand their imagination and suggest different options for the stones! See list of different nouns and adjectives above.
Get your own set of Marc's Story Stones from The Basket
Each set comes in a 100% Cotton Drawstring Bag
If you would like to customize a set of Story Stones, please Contact US

Please DO NOT let little monsters suck or put these stones in their mouths- Some of the stones are small and can be a chocking hazard!!! Story Stones and little Monsters under the age of 2, should not be left alone together

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