Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Kids

Decorating the Christmas tree is a great tradition to get your little monsters involved in. Our little monsters love helping and when it came to decorating the Christmas tree, they couldn't get enough! But once is enough and I'm sure some of your bobbles aren't little monster friendly! To keep their interest alive, we found a monster size Christmas Tree and monster size Christmas bobbles and set up an activity table that they could decorate their mini Christmas Tree all December! This is a great activity for small gross motor skills and creativity and maybe your little monster will leave your Christmas tree alone- MAYBE!!
  We took the Christmas Tree decorating outside too. There are some cute little Christmas trees down in the nature reserve we walk through and we thought it would be great to decorate one of them with some homemade nature decorations. We made dried orange Christmas ornaments, which one of the little monsters said: "The birds are going to have orange juice for Christmas!" and helped our little monsters make a Christmas tree for the birds and other wildlife. (Because we're down there all the time, we cleaned up the left over ribbon, once the nature decorations had fallen off.)

Our little monsters loved the fact they were allowed to play and explore with the different Christmas tress and had a great time decorating again and again all through the month of December! Get your monsters involved with their very own mini Christmas tree:

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