Wednesday, 24 December 2014

DIY Glitter Leaves

 We made Glitter Leave Garland for room-made decorations with our little monster, which they loved as they got to throw glitter everywhere! We saw 6th Street Designs- Falling Leaves Garland and thought this would be cool in some Christmassy/New Years colours. They used artificial leaves, but you know us here in the basket we love our nature!
We used real leaves, which we collected on one of our walks and let dry for a few days. We then let our little monsters paint them with glue- they had to be very careful and gentle as they painted the leaves, because they were so delicate. Our little monsters were so good at concentrating and being careful, that I was the only one to break a leaf! (This is a great SLOW small gross motor skill activity, make sure to give yourself and your little monster loads of time and a space to get messy- the glue will go everywhere.) Then we let them loose with the glitter (find a tray for your little monsters to do this in- you thought the glue was bad- ahhhh glitter!) and the results were brilliant and the leaves brought a nice natural glittery touch to the room- worth the mess! This is Great for last minute Christmas or New Years decorations. I would be so bold and say, you don't even need to let the leaves dry out.

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