Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kids Present Stacking and Wrapping Play

Little monsters love presents. They love stacking, shaking, exploring and then ripping them apart until they know what's inside! We thought we'd build on this interest and created a few different Christmassy activities for our little monsters!
What you need:
Boxes (all sorts of shapes and sizes)
Wrapping Paper
Wrapping up junk boxes and turning them into play presents are a great way for your little monsters to practice their small gross motor skills and do a little problem solving in a fun and Christmassy way. Let them practice their scissor skills and cut the wrapping paper, you may need to hold it down for them. Put a few pieces of tape on the side of the table for easy access and then help your little monster to wrap their box, by showing them how to. But then let them do it on their own- remember, it doesn't have to look perfect!

At this stage you can add items (jingle bells, beads, rice or small wooden blocks) into the boxes that make different sounds (maybe do this out of sight, so they don't know what it is) and then your little monster can explore the different sounds when their playing with their presents. (Be carefully with very little monsters with small objects!)

When all the boxes are wrapped, clear an area where your little monster can build, stack and destroy (because you know that's going to happen)! We all know building blocks  are a great tool for your little monster to problem solve, explore and create with- these Christmas presents are just another fun way to play with blocks and allow your little monster to practice their large gross motor skill in a fun and Christmassy way! If you've add items into your boxes, you can play what's inside - a great listening game!

We all know little monsters love the boxes more than the actually presents, especially for the first few years of their little lives! So when they've finish playing let them open the presents and play with the boxes! Again this is great for small gross motor skills and problem solving- not that finding their way into something is ever hard for our little monsters!

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