Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Betty and the Yeti Story Sack

We’ve created a Betty and the Yeti story sack to coincide with our Polar Animal experience and because I just had to make a Jingly Jangly Hat! I absolutely love this book and so do our little monsters- It’s got a great rhyming text and it explores the meaning of true friendship and diversity on a level that your little monster can understand. Story sacks are a great way to get your little monster interacting with books on so many different leaves: role play, imagination, literacy, large and small gross motor skills- the list goes on. Story sacks a easy to make and don't have to be expensive- More great information about putting together a story sack!
What we put in our sack:

- Jingly Jangly Hat-
 The jingly jangly hat, ties the whole story tightly together and it's a must have for your story sack. We crocheted one and added the bells on after! You can Knit or crochet a white hat or buy one Knitted Winter Beanie Hat (UK) - Knitted White Beanies Hat (USA) and add on your Bells (UK) - Bells (USA) on - Simple :)

Don't forget to make Yeti and Betty a little Jingly Jangly Hat!!

-Lamented Whale-
We photocopied some of the key pictures and laminated them to put into our story sack. The results were amazing- the kids would pick up the pictures and start reciting the exacta phrases from the book (some of the old ones, word for word)! It's another easy DIY resource, to get your little monsters excited about books and reading!

You can Crochet Yeti or there's loads of cute handmade yetis from Etsy. We needed one asap so we bought Webkinz Yeti (UK) - Webkinz Yeti (USA) - he's a really good size and the kids loved role playing with him! We also bought a small Yeti (UK) - Yeti (USA) and crochet him a little Jingly Jangly Hat. We haven't had time but a little crochet scarf, would be cute too!

 -Our Betty-
Finding a doll (for cheap) with black hair and a green coat is like finding a needle in a hay stack! So we bought the first doll we came across in a charity shop- She has red hair and is in summer clothes, but rest easy, she'll become a Betty in no time, by just adding a little Jingly Jangly Hat!
You can also add:
A Rock
Fake Snow
Small world, Polar Bear, Artic Hair and Whale
Little Red Sled

Fun Polar Sensory Play:
Iceberg Sensory Play
Iceberg Colour Mixing
DIY - Blowholes in a Bottle

Betty and the Yeti is adorable and easy to fall in love with children's book by Ella Burfoot.

Betty's out for a walk in the snow when she finds a jingly jangly hat (among other items) and sets out to find who's they are! They don't belong to the whale, polar bear or arctic hare, so whose are they? 
 The support cast of Polar Animals (the whale, polar bears and arctic hare) are witty and comical, but it's the underlining story of friendship between Betty and the Yeti, that makes this book so special. The book flows with great rhyming text  and the illustrations are simple and soft, making this a great book for your little monster collection.
Betty and the Yeti (UK)
Betty and the Yeti (USA)

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Getting a laminator is a must (we think) - They're affordable and come in hand for loads of indoor and outdoor projects!

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